Dave, 22

"I like awkward," he says.
And I say, his awkwardness is perfect. :">

Jay, 24

He's of Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese descent. Sorry, I have a bias for chinky-eyed bros. *.*

Alver, 26

Island boys abound in the Philippines. And this one is a fine example. *.* ♡♡♡

Phillip Ronquillo

There are hot and yummy boys, and there are barely-legal hot and yummy boys! Too much sexuality at a very young age! *.*

Legui, 23

*.* Cuddly, huggable, fluffy, kissable.

Jay-Ar, 21

Okay, he's got flaws, but the overall impact is undeniable. lol He kinda looks like a good boy who you can do naughty stuff with. :">

Bryle Penamante

Pretty mestizos are a commodity in the Philippines. lol No pouting please. *.*

I like the droopy eyes and pouty lips combination, very lethal. *.*

Nico Nivadura

Typically, I don't like wide, pointed faces, but this boy has my heart. He is proof that charm knows no boundaries. *.*

DLSU Tracksters

Happy 400 followers on instagram!  :)

JR Salinas

You see, I'm just basically a fan boy of ordinary boys. And when the object of my fanboy-ing returns the sentiment, that's cloud 9. *.*

And that's the case for JR. Reciprocated love is the best love of all. So even though he's supposed to be down the queue, I think he deserves a bump up the list. ;)

Jom, 21

*.* He's so pretty.

Alexis, 26

Real boys don't have abs. *.*

Tony, 22

He-woke-up-that-way series. lol

He's Tony and I love the messy hair.

Racky, 21

I like that his sex appeal is oozing. lol These guys from the food service industry, generally they're hot! 

Jervy delos Reyes

Forgive me father for I have sinned. But this boy forced me to be sinful. *.*

This is Jervy delos Reyes of Way5, a boy group / internet sensation. :D

Ben, 20

Chinoy boys, they come in all shapes and sizes. hihi And they're all cute, one way or another. :">

Yue, 22 (2)

His real name is Yuan Sebastian. Since I posted his first pic here and on instagram,  he had been very friendly to this idea. Anyway, I think he deserves another shotout for being cool and being hot. lol

Scott Yamasaki

I swear,  these half Japanese Pinoys are such cuties. This one, Scott, is a Benilde student..

MC, 27

When he has his glasses off, he looks like a tough gangster boy. But when he has his glasses on, he looks like a hot nerd. Oh my, I can't decide who I like more. *.* He's so hot either way. :">

CJ, 23

Another reason to check coffee shops: stumbling about a cute barista. :">

Heck, I'll have as much coffee as I can gulp if the barista is that cute. :">


Got a brilliant idea. I'll start posting bromance pics. Let's see how real life yaoi will be received. lol

Let's start with this cute pair. Ej and friend. lol

Jason Klaudio

I really can't decide what's hotter: his square jaw, his red lips, or body! Please, help me decide. x.x


(Edit. He's Chinese pala.)
How much do you like chinese boys? I like them as much as pandas and noodles. ;)

This Fil-Korean is no exception. His crooked teeth makes him more loveable. *.*

Charles, 19

(Note: I apologize in advance if this guy is a poser. I haven't been up to date with showbiz boys lately.)

Pinoy-Eurasians are the best! *.* I'm loving his thick brows. And that grin! *.*


Gone were the days of your stereotypical make up artists. These days, they're getting more and more butch. And that's for the better, I think.

Meljhun, 21

Shoutout to all one directioners! lol
I'm drawn by his deer-in-the-headlights charm. Or is it just because he looks like Iñigo Pascual?

Carl, 22

Future attorney cutie this one! If only the justice system in the Philippines is as pleasant as Carl is. :D Well, we should wish him well with his law school then! ;)

Eugene, 27

Another guy to fill your hot boss fantasies. :">
If he were my boss, I'd do the job even if it were pro bono. *.*

Ezekiel, 20

Keep them chinky-eyed boys coming! ;)
This one's got my respect. He's studying and working (and playing) all at the same time! Best of luck bro. May lady luck bless you with much fortune as she did you with good looks. ;)


Fresh-looking boys are always a treat. :"> And kids these days know how to dress themselves.

James, 25

Hair+stubbles+eyes. He's cute! And he stares at you like he really wants you. lol

Jake Liwanag

This is the first ever "contribution" from a fan. He was actually suggested by his friend. I just like it when there's a contrast between a boy's cute face and his hot body.


Fan service is easy if your fans are hot! lol. Our instagram community is growing and hot boys abound! ;)

Fender, 20

Boys will always be boys. And they stay cute while at it. :"> Jap-Pinoys are adorable!