Carl, 22

Future attorney cutie this one! If only the justice system in the Philippines is as pleasant as Carl is. :D Well, we should wish him well with his law school then! ;)

Eugene, 27

Another guy to fill your hot boss fantasies. :">
If he were my boss, I'd do the job even if it were pro bono. *.*

Ezekiel, 20

Keep them chinky-eyed boys coming! ;)
This one's got my respect. He's studying and working (and playing) all at the same time! Best of luck bro. May lady luck bless you with much fortune as she did you with good looks. ;)


Fresh-looking boys are always a treat. :"> And kids these days know how to dress themselves.

James, 25

Hair+stubbles+eyes. He's cute! And he stares at you like he really wants you. lol

Jake Liwanag

This is the first ever "contribution" from a fan. He was actually suggested by his friend. I just like it when there's a contrast between a boy's cute face and his hot body.


Fan service is easy if your fans are hot! lol. Our instagram community is growing and hot boys abound! ;)

Fender, 20

Boys will always be boys. And they stay cute while at it. :"> Jap-Pinoys are adorable!

Kim, 24

I can stay lying down with him all day long. lol Filipino-Chinese boys can be as gorgeous as hell. *.*

Chiller, 28

Got to love full-blooded pinoy boy. Sometimes I wonder how filipinos would look like if the Philippines were not under Spanish, Japanese, and American rules (not to mention Chinese influence). Then, every once in a while I find cute, Malay-looking pinoy boys like him. :">

Dinn, 26

:"> Rough-looking boys tickle my fantasy. ;)

Ega (2)

Stumbled upon Ega again at tinder. He's still looking hot!

Can't get enough of that gaze! I think I just imploded by the intensity of that gaze. *.*

And this time I found his facebook page. He's a stylist. Lives at Gramercy. And super cute! :p

LA Aguinaldo

He's so hot that I need a bucket of ice right now!
LA is doing modeling works for a number of brands. I hope he makes it big in the Philippine show business.


OMG! I'm gonna die of his cuteness! :">

Kim, 23

To the lip-biters of the world, stop the seduction! :"> Stop making us fall... :p


Do you like dem rough and rugged boys? I do! lol Sometimes, quiet ironically, raw and dirty boys can be refreshing. :p Dibs on the leftmost boy. :D

Emman, 23

I'm digging his puppy eyes! lol And he looks so huggable! As Agnes would put it: he's so fluffy! :p

Vico, 24

Only cute boys can pull off wacky! I can't pinpoint what attracts me to Vico. Maybe the almond-shaped eyes. Maybe his personality which is reflected in this photo. One thing is for sure, he's undeniably fun. lol


Shoutout to instagram user Paulyroid. He's one of the most avid likers of our instagram account. Chinky-eyed boys have a special place in my heart. And I like his posts - he looks like he's having fun all the time.

Enchong Dee

No "hottest pinoy boy" list is complete without The Enchong Dee! He's been slimming down these days, but personally I love him in his swimmer body! Those adonis cut! Damn.

Eman, 22

He's my McDreamy. He just looks too clean. Plus points that he's antisocial since I'm a jealous type. lol

Lyndon, 27

I can forgive that duckface. As long as he'll be nice to me. :">


Our instagram community is growing! And one of the most avid "likers" is this guy. Half pinoy, half Korean. So cute! Shoutout to Vonjong!

Hot Boss

Sorry, I didn't get his name. Saw him on my facebook feed. He looks like he could fill someone's hot boss fantasy. lol

Dominic Roque 2

I can't get enough of Dominic Roque. In this picture, he's showing us most of his body. The bikini is so low that it's too crazy! How can a cute face have that scorchingly hot body?

Lijandro, 24

My perfect boy is a nice guy but can be badass at times. My perfect boy is named Lijandro. :">

Pierre, 24

Loving this baby-faced gangsta! It's hard to imagine that foul language coming from him. But who cares, he's cute...

Arex, 22

Only cute boys can pull off wacky without looking stupid. OMG, I'm really crushing on him.

Caezar, 28

All hail Caezar! If that's my financial advisor, I'd be happy to give all my money. lol

Sebastian Castro

Sebastian Castro, more than a pretty face. He's the bravest soul in the Philippine show business for openly admitting his sexual preference. And that makes him an honorary pinoy boy. :D