AJ Simpas

Can't put my finger on it, there's something about him that's so charming. Maybe it's his smile. :)

Paul Justine Rigor

20yo Architecture student from FEU. He got bumped ahead of the queue since he's super friendly. I'd like to be friends with him in real life. :D

Borj Vergara

Those type of guys who look like they're good in bed. :"> Those who will desecrate your body against your will. Those who you will willingly offer your body to.

Sherwin dela Resma

That crazy long torso with incredible v lines. That subtly cute and gorgeous face. I love him.

My Ph Muscle Boy (28) - Daryl Beltejar

He is a car dealer by profession. Car dealerships should allow topless agents in there showrooms. :"> This is a contribution of an IG follower.

My Ph Muscle Boy (27) - Vladimir Castillo

His looks isn't really that stand out, you know, there are a lot of Pinoys who look like him. But once you couple that face (which kinda screams sex) with a very very sexy body, then you have one scorching hot Pinoy boy.