Hot, hairy thai boy. *.* I usually see smooth thais, but the hairy ones are equally appealing. lol Forgive the lapse but he's a friend on ig. And let's face it, his cuteness should be acknowledged. lol

John Neil

This former Bedan candy cutie sums up my chinito problem: I can't get enough of them. *.*

Johann Karl

I love it when there's a disagreement between a cute face and a hot bod. When you only look at his face, he's a typical filipino-chinese boy who looks good in a buzz cut. When you only look at his body, it's a regular gym rat with massive guns. Put the two together and it's an explosion of sex appeal. lol Too bad I can't find his fb account anymore. :(

Boy Love 1

Just young bros horsing around, trying to kill each other. Both equally cute. *.*

Beach Boy

Some random boy enjoying the beach. I don't know if he's cute but his profile looks great. But his abs bought me in. *.* Do you like them hairy?

Darylle Salvador

This aspiring model's claim to fame is his uncanny resemblance of Sam Concepcion. But what I like most is his super toned body. *.* If he could get even lower with that boxers that will be perfect. :">


Damn! His body looks so strong. *.* Strong bodies make me weak. There's a sweet spot just right above being toned and just right below being buffed that just looks so yummy. *.*


It's always a wonder why bad boys attract people. They have certain charm in them that draws people in. But sometimes theyjust too damn hot. *.*


Hot OFWs represent! Spread the pinoy hotness all over the world. *.*


This tourism student is the prince of wacky. lol But he still looks so cute! So unfair. But love him still. *.*
Max as in maximum cuteness!


Chinitos for the win! :"> And look at that sunkist chest! I love toned bodies that are not achieved in the gym, they look so organic. lol


He may well be a poser in all likelihood, but who cares, the boy in the picture is pretty damn fine. *.* He's a sun-kissed, gold-skinned beach demigod. 


Twinkish delight. *.* That body, the right fitness, the right definition achieved not in the gym but in the restlessness of the youth, that's heavenly. *.*


I've seen him around the web since college days. I always liked his curly hair, his thick lips, his bubbly attitude. I suddenly decided not to be selfish and share his cuteness to this community. :">


Okay, I admit. I have fetish for kanto boys. You know, boys who are always outside, on the streets, hanging out with friends, and often shirtless. There's something about them that is so interesting. And Jeff satisfies my kanto boy fantasy. lol

Rench, 23

Clean-looking guy. Overly cute. But I somehow feel he can be naughty if he wants to be. hihi


He is a world traveler. I just want thank him for the wholesale likes he sent over our instagram account. That and the fact that he is so freakin' hot. :"> 


Our instagram community is awesome. I have to feature him because of that cute smile and that body. *.*

Christian, 21

This film student from UPd is smoking hot. I hope he'll make movies as sexy as he is in the future. :">

Justin, 19

Cute, teenage boy in touch with his hotness. :"> Owning those sexy thick lips.

Isaias, 24

Sexy chef. *.* He can use his abs as chopping board. lol He is Isaias Jenobiagon on facebook.

Nozumi, 21

He's an actor signed with GMA7. I don't really care if he can act, all that matters is he is cute. *.*

Vincent, 21

He's not the cutest nor is he the sexiest, but his artistry lends this boy massive appeal. :">

John, 23

His feature kinda looks weird individually. But the overall package is smoking hot. :">