Joshua Ramirez

Filipino teens represent. *.* Young Filipinos are looking more and more polished. And I love it. :">

Joseph Gragasin

Super hot wushu master. *.* Smooth bod. Yummy torso.

Jared De Guzman

Then or now? Short hair or long hair? Clean or tattooed? Hot or hotter? Oh, the choices to make.

Dad Knows Best

Weird but strangely inviting. I wanna breastfeed off that too. *.*

Lester Baguio

A shoutout the most makulit of all who request for shotouts. Good thing he's cute. I hope to have a taste someday... of his cooking  *.*

Pogi Pose

Angular jawline. Broad shoulders. Long arms. Strong brows. So hot!!!

4 Boys 1 Word (7)

Put your hands up in the air like you don't care. *.*

Rain Lee

He brought his sexy back. I'm gonna die literally if I can't take me eyes off that smile. OMG. I'm blushing. *.*


Everyone, meet my baby boy. :"> Gigil *.*

Jason Padilla

I love the bodies of lanky boys who suddenly decided to do gym. It also didn't hurt that this one is kinda cute. So in summary: chest+cute=a ok. ;)


Damn these thais! I know, I digress again, but they can be as hot as hell! This one looks like someone straight out of a video game or an anime. Damn! *drool*


Yup, tender and juicy seems apt. :"> This pharm student is the cutest. *.* I don't mind the height deficiency if my boy's this cute.

Keiji Matsumoto

All you need is a cute boy with some crazy abs and the world won't seem so bad anymire. :">


Cute boy. Naughty boy. Chinito boy. :"> I love you boy. *.*

Mr International 2014/15

Congratulations to Neil Perez for winning the 9th edition of Mr. International. I hope every cop in the Philippines are as hot as him or at least they strive to bring honor to our country.

4 Boys 1 Word (4)

Open wide. :"> Oh, these boys. :">

Neil Perez

This hot cop turned pageant boy was in the news again yesterday. He finished third place for the national costume event of Mr. International. Here's to wishing him all the runway luck in all remaining events and may he win the title ultimately. *.*

4 Boys 1 Word (3)

What's the one word that describes all four pictures. Post your answers in the comment box. lol

JM de Guzman

He'll be my forever. *.* Pinoy heartthrob JM de Guzman is my ideal boyfriend. *.*

Jonathan Bolival

Another popular boy on IG. He is a medical technologist at Medical City. He can take all the samples of my bodily fluids that he wants. *.* He can poke me with his syringe all day long. lol

Ace Serrano

This is the age of social media and mobile devices. These days, cute boys easily validate theur cuteness by ther social media following.  And Ace is one of those popular boys on instagram. *.* With almost 3700 ig followers, the reason is clear. :">


My longtime crush *.* He's an HRM student of FEU. Or maybe he graduated already. I dunno. Basta he's super cute and friendly.

Boy Promdi

How about a serving of some fresh, provincial meat? :"> I love te smoothness of his torso! :">

Soldier Boy

Hey mister soldier, take out your gun. :"> If all soldiers in the world are as hot as he is, there would be no war. lol He's not a real soldier though...


Dude, your shoulders. Keep them away from me. *.* Loving the stray hair.

4 Boys 1 Word (2)

#TeamLee if you dig side boobs.
#TeamRupert if you dig chinitos.
#TeamJake if you like cute boys.
#TeamKevin if you like it hot. :">

Arcee Capili

Cute face, hot bod! What's more to ask for? All I want is to lick him like an Arce Dairy! lol

Hot Boss (2)

If he were my boss, I'd do everything for him. *.* I'll be in the office even if a typhoon is ravaging Manila or even if it's flooding neck-deep outside. I'd do overtime work even without pay. I'll do his laundry for him. lol

Gerick Manalo

Actor, model, chef. He can describe himself in as many words as he want. But I can sum them up in one: scorching! That super low waist line should come with a warning. O.O *.*