Garage Ph, April 2015: Dominic x Martin

Grab a copy of their April issue which features our ultimate crush, Dominic Roque, and the puppy-eyed, bear-torsoed, Martin Del Rosario. Choose between smooth and hairy.

Jae Tolentino

Can't stop giggling when I was browsing through his page. He's so cute yet so hot. *.*

My Ph Muscle Boy (3) - 900 IG Followers

Our IG community is growing! Thanks for the support guys! Stay hot everyone. ;)


Hello sunshine. *.* He's got a good boy image through and through. The kind which you'll want to do naughty things with. hihi

Norman Hicban

He's the type who I consider a pseudo-bad boy. He looks tough but he's refined. Me likey. *.*

Jeiz Brye

Just your typical cute pinoy doing typical cute stuff. *.* I want to wrap him up and take him home. lol


Big boy charm. *.* It's like you just want to beg him to dominate you. lol Or is it just because of the phrase "big boys and their big toys". Did I get the phrase right? lol


Chad, tigasin ng davao. :"> I generally don't entertain requests for shoutouts. But if you do send one, be sure you're as hot as he is. *.*

Dexter A (2)

The second time is sweeter. He just keeps getting hotter. *.* He was one of my first features. He was with me when I started this project. Until now he doesn't tire to double-tap. This is me sending my love back. *.*


Half jap, half pinoy. Junji cutie. #chinitoproblems

Got smoke?

The charm of bad boys. *.*

4 Boys 1 Word (12)

You know, just a lazy afternoon. Your boy it letting it hang. And the world seems right again. lol

Jeff Manzano

This pinoy nurse in Canada is a fine specimen of a man. The right balance of cutenes, hotness, cuddliness, and charm. *.* He's just perfect for me.

Pipoy M

I woke up to this. *.* He's oozing with so much good vibes that it radiates even from his photos.

John Ezekiel Tanjutco

Can't get enough of chinitos right? :"> He's a thomasian now living in Singapore. Pinoy community in SG represent. :)