4 Boys 1 Word (17)

4 Boys 1 Word, post #17.

When it is summer, do what our pinoy beach boys do: lie on the beach and strike a pose.

And this, boys, is the trending summer pose. :">


Pinoy boy feature for today: Christian, who's the embodiment of temptation.

The top pic is the perfect visualization of temptation island. A pebbly beach set on a green backdrop. Full of sun-kissed boys with toned bodies. :">

Look at those abs! I'd give my brains to have those abs. It doesn't hurt that he's a cutie too. :D

His ig handle is _itsmechristiangrey. Yes please, I can do 50 shades with this boy. :">

P.S.: If I hadn't stressed it enough: sexy torso. *.*

Ren Robert Palajos

Pinoy boy feature for today: THE Ren Robert (@therenrobert on instagram).

Yup, he's totally that type. You know, rich kid with gorgeous genes. I can totally wake up to this face every day for the rest of my days. :">

Those puppy eyes, I can stare at them all day long. :"> Please choose me, I will take care of you with all my resources. :D

Vincci's Boy (2) - Sherwin

Pinoy boy feature for today: Sherwin the seaman.

Second seaman post in a row. This one's still a student though but every inch a heartbreaker in the making. Love the abs! Love the chest! Love the arms! I love what I see! :D

He's the same guy I posted yesterday. Here, he's totally a demigod. Love the profile, he looks like Mario Maurer here. *.* He is so sexy!

Sean Heribert

Pinoy boy feature for today: Sean Heribert.

I've seen him around instagram for a while now. I was just waiting for the right moment to share him to the world. :p He's a seaman by profession though, so I guess that means he's a heartbreaker. :(

Chunky is good. Meaty is yummy. I need to hug him. :">

Vincci's Boy - Sherwin

Unplanned post for today: Vincci's boy.

An instagram follower hashtagged me this. His boy in all his sun-kissed goodness. :">

I love those kind of chest: rounded and tight. :"> Definitely, he belongs in that gorgeous Boracay sands. Cute smile, too.


The baby boy series continues. This edition, we feature baby Fonzi. Why do kids want to grow up fast? I like young better. But young muscle is best. *.*

Tropang Ph Boy (7) - Albie and Friends

Just hot teen celebs doing what they do best: being hot. :">

My Ph Muscle Boy (8)

I can't quite put into words how hot he is. He's that right mix of simplicity, depth, swag, badboy-ness, vulnerability. Simply put, he's got some massive sex appeal. :">

My Ph Muscle Boy (7) - Juan R

He's a poster boy for 360 body transformation. You wouldn't believe your eyes if you see his "before" pictures. An inspiration. Didn't hurt that he's a cutie too. :">

Ph Boy Trending (2) - Christopher Sengseng

[edit: His name is Christopher. Sorry for that.]

The hot gravy dude of KFC. Christopher Sengseng is his name. Really,  I wouldn't mind him pouring his gravy all over my body. :">

Ph Boy Trending (1) - The Brothers Agas

Start of a new series. Seems like the Philippine online community likes trending hot Ph Boys. This series will capture these trends.

First up, the brothers Agas. They are (from left to right) Mark, Junsi, and Ryan. Actually, Dr. Mark Agas was the one trending the other day. It seems unfair though not to mention his equally hot brothers. Ryan is a med student at UST, where Mark got his degree in ophthalmology. Junsi is a law student in ADMU. All of them had modeling stints. So basically, they have awesome genes, gifted in both brains and body.

Justin Tuscano

This UMak communications student is a ball of sunshine. I think i just experienced what it's like under the Tuscan sun. :p :">

Jay Castillo

This med tech student is a prince in my castle. :p He's both a tiger and a tamaraw. So he's both aggressive and horn-some? :">

Rob Gaspar

Just want to say props to his job as an HIV counselor. If your support team is this hot, who needs to be negative? lol Just kidding though. Always practice safe sex guys. :)

Rye Sy

He's an account manager from Century Properties. If he'd offer my a condo looking like this, I'd buy five. *.*

Tropang Ph Boy (2)

Naughty high school boys. Well, as long as they're happy with what they're doing. Not bad that it makes me happy too. :">

4 Boys 1 Word (15) - Jacked

If they all look familiar, or if any one of them looks familiar to you, then, good for you. *wink* *wink*

Tropang Ph Boy (1)

A start of a new series. It's a different feeling all together when a group of hot boys are involved. And this series will capture those times when a group of hotness decides to immortalize their moment. *.*

My Ph Muscle Boy (4)

Pump me, I mean, it harder. Just your typical gym dude, a ball of sweaty hotness. *.*

Ryan Dauz

Our serving of extra fresh young cute boy for today. *.*

Uriel Pineda

Hot boy Uriel from down south. You know what they say, pag bisaya matigas ang dila. *blush*

Ian Batherson

Okay, I forgive his vanilla personality since he has a tabasco body. Extra kanin please. *drool* Loving the square chest. I'm hoping for more exposure for this sizzling actor. More exposure, more "exposure". Win-win. *.*


April is here. No better way to start the month than to fool around with this boy toy. *.*