Edgar Allan, His Face Sounds Familiar

Featured Pinoy boy: Edgar Allan Guzman.

Ever since he started his showbiz career, I've been crushing over this guy. From his stint in "Eat Bulaga", his jaw-dropping (pun intended) appeal got me. :">

His best moment though was when he was dancing, gyrating in front of Neil Coleta near the end credits of "I do Bidoo-bidoo". He was so sexy in that sequence! T.T

But that was before he transferred to the Kapamilya network and joined "Your Face Sounds Familiar". Now, we get to see those glorious jaw weekly. *.*

He's really a revelation in this show. He gets to showcase his talents. My favorite is when he was impersonating Daniel Padilla. He really got Daniel's swag.

Anyway, I hope he wins this contest or better yet, that his career will really soar now that he is in the home of the stars. Let's cross our fingers for that. *.*

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