Jayson of Outback

Featured Pinoy boy: Jayson Villaroman.

This is a long-overdue follow-up post about a boy who was topping the "most read post" list on the first few month of this site.

He is an assistant store manager for Outback Alabang. He'll be the perfect thing to whet your appetite for some juicy meat. I like mine rare, bloody, stringy, and raw. :">

He is really such a cutie. The only problem is that he looks too much like Steven Silva at times. Well, that's both good news and bad. The good news is, he can thank his parents for really gorgeous genes. The bad news: he won't make it big in the entertainment industry, or even the modeling world. In those industries, having a uniquely memorable face is a plus.

Anyway, I think his modeling is just a hobby, so that's not a problem. Let's just think the stars for blessing us with one such adorable dude. *.*

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