La Union LaBor Union Boys

Featured Pinoy boy: Anthony Cortez.

Okay, Bora isn't the only tourist destination this summer in the Philippines. When surfing is your thing, you can head over to La Union/Baler area. This North-East of Manila, about 4-5 hour by land.

And if Bora has it's annual La Boracay beach party, La Union has Labor Union, a clever play of words, I must say. I think the crowd in Labor Union is more testosterone-filled with all those hot surfers heading to the area. It really boils down to your preference: the gym-fit bodies of La Boracay, or the naturally-sculpted bodies od Labor Union. :">

And the locals, lest I forget. Mr Anthony here is one fine example. :"> Cuteness overload. *.*

I'd be jumping to another topic here, but please indulge me, nothing really stimulated my wordiness as a cute boy would. :"> I really just hope that these cute boys who are popular in social media will not go astray. There will be a lot of circumstances and people who will be willing to exploit them. I hope these boys will learn to capitalize on their popularity and channel it to a more productive activity, financial or otherwise.

On a less somber note, I could really stare at him all day. I wouldn't want him to stop smiling. :"> And you should see him dance. :">

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