Prince Gezrael Teodoro

Featured pinoy boy: Prince Gezrael Teodoro.

I first spotted this chinky-eyed cutie in a video posted on facebook. My interest was piqued so I searched for his facebook profile. Lo and behold, there are many accounts bearing his name. Indeed, poser accounts is a measure of one's "popularity".

Anyway, so I continued viewing what seems to be his original account. And another "popular" metric is revealed, he has his own "fans day". *.*

So, enough of discussing his online popularity. Let's now talk about his cuteness, for this is what this site is about: cute boys. With the rise of KPop, and, to some extent, JPop, chinky-eyed, twinkish, androgynous look is in. Gone are the manly men of yesterdays and in with the boyish boys.

Personally, I have a wide taste for boys so I appreciate both aforementioned categories. But much can be said about girls fainting over androgynous boys. I actually have running joke with one of my closest friends, that the trend today are gay boys with girlfriends. lol

I'm not saying he's gay, okay. Although nothing is wrong with being that. What I'm saying is, gender is more fluid these days more than ever. :">

So, if you like Prince, join the #bestprincegirlfriends. :D

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