Timothy Tuppil

Featured Pinoy boy: Timothy Tuppil

Oh, Pinoy boy models. They're becoming more and more competitive these days.

Like our boy, Timothy, here. He's a fine example of a Pinoy boy. You can't really tell what his ethnicity is. Not quiet Asian, nor Caucasian, nor middle eastern, nor Indochinese. Your can't really pinpoint his race just by his looks. And that what makes Pinoys Pinoys, they're of mix-race.

Anyway. He's really cute as a button. And hot. And really bad-ass-looking.

He's a PT student so that must mean he's good with his hands. :">
He's from Cavite so that must mean he's tigasin. :">
He's a dancer so that must mean he has great dancer bod. :">

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