X Marks the Spot - Xander Montecarlo

Featured Pinoy boy: Xander Montecarlo.

Modeling is not easy. And probably the hardest job on earth. But the payoff is indeed worth it.

I say hardest because this job entails that strangers will judge your body, criticize every spot in your skin, and will require you to look a certain way. Physically, it is not that hard, but I can't imagine the effects of this constant barrage of criticism to your psyche. Now, having said that, I must say models make it look easy, well, their bodies make it look easy. *.*

Our featured Pinoy boy for this article is an upstart model. He is an HRM student and loves to play soccer. *.* As I said, models make it look easy. Certainly Xander is easy on the eyes, especially those round chests. :">

I can't believe how fresh-looking Xander is. He looks so fresh that I could eat him raw. :p

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