Wet And Wild

I'm not sure whether this hottie is Filipino or not. But he's definitely scalding hot so he deserves a post here. :">

Look at those stare. *.* And those washboard abs. Or those shoulders shimmering with sweat. Or thise armpit dripping with sweat.

He's every inch oozing with sensuality. *.*

Divo Adonis

Featured Pinoy boy: Divo Adonis

Everybody loves a trashy boy toy who loves to bare his semi buff body.

Those gym toned body ob the hefty side has its appeal, no? Kinda ideal for cuddling.

Dad Bod Ph Boy (2) - JM Cobarrubias

Featured Pinoy boy: JM Cobarrubias

Dark skinned hottie here. And his whole look is kinda throwback that I really dig.

And his body is the kind of dad bod that's yummy for me. :">

His boyfriend is equally hot though. I think I want to have a JM-boyfriend sandwich. :">

And here's to a hot barkada. :D

My Ph Muscle Boy (10) - Ken the Inked

Featured Pinoy boy: Ken

Super hot bod! Super cute face! What's more to ask?

With a body chiseled to perfection, I bet this chinito cutie loves to be topless all the time. And no one's complaining.

Although I'd imagine he's equally sexually appealing wih his shirt on. Anyway, does anybody know his full name? :"> And tell him I'd like to meet him in person. :">

akosivinher (2)

Featured Pinoy boy: Benz Herbert Antonio

Second time to feature this hottie. The first time, I was not really that sold. But this time I really have the hots for him. *.*

I don't know what he did but I just like how he looked this time. Ir maybe he now have a lot of good photos of him.

But really, he's now at his prime I guess. Both in looks and body. :"> But it wouldn't hurt if he gets hotter next time. :">

Tropang Ph Boy (12) - David Licauco & Friends

Be it famous celebrities, aspiring models, or ordinary people,all is fair game on the white sands of Boracay.

It's open season again in this island paradise and we are here to appreciate what's on display.

I like it how a model's circle of friends are equally hot as the model. Just so effing hot these friends are. *.*

Patrick Dale Garcia

Featured Pinoy boy: Patrick Dale Garcia

This 5'8" hottie from Tarlac State University is an aspiring model. He's been a contestant to a number of beauty and bikini pageants.

He is a tourism student who loves to play basketball, and into cheerleading. He's also a frat boy.

So basically, he is all your porn fantasy rolled into one. lol And he has the porn appeal too. :">

I like his birth mark on his chest. It marks him unique of all the other boys out there.

#boytoy Zhander

Featured Pinoy boy: @iamzhander on ig

We won't cover all the breeds of Pinoy boy if we won't feature the boytoy types.

So here, I present you a very fine example of a Pinoy boytoy. Their biggest market are the foreigners hunting for some exotic meat.

I can see the appeal, really. I've had several crush of this breed.

Maybe why they're not that popular among Pinoys themselves is that we see a lot of them among us. I mean, the opposite of the exotic, rare meat appeal to foreigners, that's what Pinoys are experiencing when exposed to these breed.

Lol. Enough of the analysis. What matters is that this boy is hot. *.*

Dad Bod Ph Boy (1) - @putopao

Featured Pinoy boy: @putopao on twitter

They say that's it's the latest craze for women: the dad bod.

I'm not really into their definition of the dad bod, you know, flabs and all. My definition of dad bod is as shown above.

My definition of a dad bod is: a little wide from all the food/beer intake, little muscle definition maybe from house routine or a ghost of gym work before, bulges here and there *.*, but still totally sexy as hell. :">

Lloyd Stephen

Featured Pinoy boy: Lloyd Stephen

He is the type of Pinoy boy that you can see in your street playing basketball shirtless. *.* I love those kanto boys, sweaty, toned, and exuding in pheromones as they grind themselves in the game.

I love rough looking boys. I love rough looking boys with beautiful bodies. I love rough looking boys with beautiful bodies which they love to flaunt. *.*

These type of boys really stimulate your inner desires. lol And what more, this particular boy comes from Butuan City down south, you know, matigas ang dila. :">


Featured Pinoy boy: Ken (Kendra Wijaja on IG)

Another cute face with a hot bod. *.* Can't get enough of them.

He has a really sexy face too. Those strong eyebrows contrastinf with those chubby cheeks and soft lips. *.*

Awesome shoulders and arms. And those chest. *.*

Kiel Deveras

Featured Pinoy boy: Kiel Deveras

Chinito problems: being too cute. *.*

Possibly the cutest renal nurse out there. *.* You'll will yourself to have a kidney failure to have a chance meeting with this cutie. :">

He's from bulacan, by the way. :"> And I'd like to thank him for doing some gym time and making his body hotter. :D

Ph Boy Trending (5) - Marjay Zenn Igpuara

Featured Pinoy boy: Marjay Zenn Igpuara.

His photos have been making rounds in the internet this last week. He was identified as a professor at Bulacan State University.

Since then, we've learned more about him. Post comments have identified him as Marjay Zenn Igpuara.

He's a lawyer from New Era University. He also plays basketball.

He's your typical campus crush this one. :">

4 Boys 1 Word (19) - Dream Team

Featured Pinoy boys (from top left, clockwise): Jeffrey/Geoff, King, Amiel, Phillip.

Revenge of the cuties. *.*

All four boys were already featured in my blog before (check out the links above). And they are my favorite on instagram. *.* Seeing them just makes my day, everyday.

A little dash of cuteness, a sprinkle of charm, an ounce of naughtiness, and a whole load of hotness. *.* The perfect ingredient. :D

They are my dream team. ;) I'd like to meet them in person one day. But not all at once, that would be a mess, I'll explode with excitement if ever that happens. *.*

Neil Etheridge

Featured Pinoy boy: Neil Etheridge

The Philippine National Football Team is about to embark on their bid to be part of the next World Cup. So we're here to size up the most important factor fir the team: the players' hotness.

Sure, the team's composed of nearly all half-breeds and they're all hot in their own way. But one guy really stands out.

I present you, Neil, the famed goalkeeper of the Philippine National Football Team, or stylized as Azkals. He is pretty good at his goalkeeping skills. To demonstrate how good he is at handling balls, please refer to the following pictures.

This is Neil with his two balls:

He he is with his wet ball:

What makes him attractive for mr is that despite his large and wide body, which makes him hot, he still has a vute face. *.*

I really wish the boys luck for their campaign for the World Cup.

Philippine Volcanoes

Featured Pinoy boys: Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU)

The PRFU, or more commonly known as the Philippine Volcanoes, are in the news again.

Having bested Thailand and Singapore in their bracket in SEA Games 2015, they're now moving to the finals against Malaysia.

The featured photos are from their shoot for Bench a couple of years back. I hope they do more of these in the coming months. *.* They're all erupting with sex appeal.
Anyway, you can read the full article from Rappler below.

PH Volcanoes sweep Rugby 7s round robin, will play Malaysia for gold

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine men’s rugby team completed their sweep of the 2015 Southeast Asian Games Rugby 7s round robin with victories over Laos and Malaysia on Sunday, June 7 at Choa Chu Kang Stadium in Singapore.
The Philippines will face Malaysia once more at 4:45 pm today in the gold medal match.
The Philippine Volcanoes, which topped defending champions Thailand, host nation Singapore and Cambodia yesterday, defeated Laos 43-0 in the opening match of the day.
Brothers Benjamin and Matthew Saunders scored on first half tries against Malaysia, which were followed by Gareth Holgate conversions. Malaysia dominated the second half but the Philippines held on for a 14-10 win.
The Philippines won the Rugby 7s gold medal at the 2005 SEA Games in Manila and finished second to host nation Thailand in 2007, which was the last time the sport was included in the biennial games.
The Philippine women's rugby team opened up on Saturday with a 17-0 win over Laos but lost 36-0 to Thailand. On Sunday they lost 12-7 to Singapore. Their match with Malaysia was ongoing at time of publishing.

Tropang Ph Boy (11) - Kobe x Ricci

Featured Pinoy boys: Kobe Paras and Ricci Paolo Rivero

Alas, the Pilipinas team for FIBA U-18 3x3 got eliminated with 2-3 win-loss card. They had a good run and we commend the boys for that.

It's nice to know that Kobe is still finding time to represent the Philippines while he is pursuing his NBA dreams.

Both boys come from a family of sportsmen. And both are equally appealing. :"> And it looks like they have chemistry on and off court.

But I prefer Ricci Paolo more since Kobe is too mainstream. He's been under media spotlight for far too long now, adding more pressure to and possibly preempting his attempt at the NBA.

Ricci on the other hand, I prefer boys who are under-appreciated and who looks like they don't really care how hot they are. lol Look at those abs!