Neil Etheridge

Featured Pinoy boy: Neil Etheridge

The Philippine National Football Team is about to embark on their bid to be part of the next World Cup. So we're here to size up the most important factor fir the team: the players' hotness.

Sure, the team's composed of nearly all half-breeds and they're all hot in their own way. But one guy really stands out.

I present you, Neil, the famed goalkeeper of the Philippine National Football Team, or stylized as Azkals. He is pretty good at his goalkeeping skills. To demonstrate how good he is at handling balls, please refer to the following pictures.

This is Neil with his two balls:

He he is with his wet ball:

What makes him attractive for mr is that despite his large and wide body, which makes him hot, he still has a vute face. *.*

I really wish the boys luck for their campaign for the World Cup.

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