Tropang Ph Boy (11) - Kobe x Ricci

Featured Pinoy boys: Kobe Paras and Ricci Paolo Rivero

Alas, the Pilipinas team for FIBA U-18 3x3 got eliminated with 2-3 win-loss card. They had a good run and we commend the boys for that.

It's nice to know that Kobe is still finding time to represent the Philippines while he is pursuing his NBA dreams.

Both boys come from a family of sportsmen. And both are equally appealing. :"> And it looks like they have chemistry on and off court.

But I prefer Ricci Paolo more since Kobe is too mainstream. He's been under media spotlight for far too long now, adding more pressure to and possibly preempting his attempt at the NBA.

Ricci on the other hand, I prefer boys who are under-appreciated and who looks like they don't really care how hot they are. lol Look at those abs!

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