Tropang Ph Boy (15) - Gerard Daduya Pool Party

Featured Pinoy boy: Gerard Daduya (c), Clark Dave and Billy

Nothing's more refreshing than an afternoon dip with your bros in speedos. :">

You know, just for the fun of it. It's just a bonus that all of you in the circle have nice bodies. *.* Hard to keep friendship in tact, if it were me.

Mr Philippines

For this contest, he should've won. You can't get any more Pinoy than him: brown skin, dark lips and nips, round eyes, wavy hair. He looks like he could've sprouted from any street in the Philippines. And he is hot as f*ck! Sweat and all. *.*

Throwback Thursday: The Naked Truth

Featured Pinoy boys: Dominic Roque, Tom Rodriguez, Arnold Van Opstal

2015 is a sad year for most man-worshippers out there as there are no Bench fashion show this year. Since a biennial event, we'll witness the next parade of sexy boys in their undies in 2016.

However, as all the other Bench fashion shows,  the last one, The Naked Truth, was so hot that I'm still reeling from the experience.

This Thursday, let's look back at the three sexuest that night. *.*

RJ Ramos

Featured Pinoy boy: RJ Ramos

Second Way5 member to be featured here. Although RJ isn't as in touch with his sexy side as Jervy is, he still as cute.

Super cute awkward smile. Love the voluminous hair, although the b&w ones are too Korean.

But what I really want to talk about is the state of boy bands in this country. I don't think that record companies are taking the potential of boy bands seriously. They're idea of forming a boyband is a bringing together cute boys that may have some talent and already has some following.

This mentality is then copied by smaller manager/promoter. So what's happening now is that the power of boybands is recognized in the country but not much investment is put into them. And when I say investment,  I don't mean publicity stunts. What I mean is really training these boys to further there craft. To build upon their charm and talent to create something of pride.

Anyway, for now, let's just appreciate these boys. :">

Dad Bod Ph Boy (5) - Dave Abad

Featured Pinoy boy: Dave Abad

Hot Pinoy living in California with his equally hot boyfriend.

His boyfriend asked if I could shoutout Dave. Hey, that's what I'm here for, to callout hot Pinoys all over the world. :">

Zie Naval

Featured Pinoy boy: Zie Naval

This Filipino-Chinese mutimedia student sidelines as a model. He loves to travel and an avid IGer.

Super nice definition. He's in that fine boundary between gym-buff and twinkish. lol And I say he should just toe that very fine line because it suits him. Lean and sexy, that's what he is. *.*

Arman Placido

Featured Pinoy boy: Arman Placido

A representative of the Pinoy overseas workers in Singapore.

He sure has some body. *.* I love that it's not that chiseled. It gives him some kind of matured aura.

Gotta love those abs.

Dad Bod Ph Boy (4) - Sean Simeon

Featured Pinoy boy: Sean Simeon

Dad bod alert!

He is one of those guys who physically conflicting that makes him visually pleasing.

He's got this baby face but he got tattoos and earrings. He kinda feels that he's a badass with all those tough guy body modifications he got. And he feels he's all made of the sexy stuff for him to bare his body. But his face is as soft as an angel. *.*

And he's got the perfect dad bod too! :"> Although, again, his face suggests that he doesn't know how to make a baby himself. lol

Oh, by the way, he's a drummer and a biology student.

Ramil Francisco

Featured Pinoy boy: Ramil Francisco

Nothing is more pogi than a pogi guy who doesn't care much about his poginess. *.* (Pogi, Filipino word for handsome.)

This simple guy from Masbate is just that. He is a security guard by profession. He can body-search me all he wants. *.*

He is married and has a kid. Hot daddy alert! *.*

TJ Apusen

Featured Pinoy boy: TJ Apusen

TJ is Fil-Am hottie who did a tour on Afghanistan. He has a wife and kids. And we know that he occasionally enjoys kinky sex. lol

I love his lips more than anything on his face. I love the guns. I love the snub, mysterious aura he projects. :">

Salute to this sexy brave soul. *.*

Luis Hontiveros

Featured Pinoy boy: Luis Hontiveros

This ramp model is of the Hontiveris clan (Pia Hontiveros, Risa Hontiveros), or so he says.

Crazy adonis cut though. And his chest is very sexy, awesome definition at the middle part. And his abs are just heavenly.

I'd love to witness him work the ramp one day. Let's see how his charming little ratty chinito face works. :">

My Ph Muscle Boy (11) - Ken the Inked (2)

Featured Pinoy boy: Ken

Second time to feature Ken here.

I think this photo was taken the same time with one of the photos last time. Anyway, moot point. What's important is that Ken featured his immaculately tone body in all its glory. *.*

And he's got something impressive packed in his pocket. :">

I'm dying to know his complete name. If anyone knows, kindly speak up please. I'd like to stalk him. lol

Osweld Ely

Featured Pinoy boy: Osweld Ely

I love his naturally fierce face. It is so manly. A face of a hunter.

And even though his body is not that toned, I love his hairy torso.

Dad Bod Ph Boy (3) - Robby Ramadhan Yulianto

Featured Pinoy boy: Robby Ramadhan Yulianto

There are guys that are above the threshold where you can consider them muscular. So basically, by principle, they should be fat or overweight. But some guys in this group still manage to be sexy.

And Mr. Robby here is a fine example.

Even with his fatty physique, I think he's still sexy and still cuddle-worthy. :">

Helps that he's a cutie, too. :D

Timothy Tuppil (2)

Featured Pinoy boy: Timothy John Tuppil

I first featured this cutie several weeks ago.

And it looks like his been beefing up since then. Pumping up the hotness here. *.*

More success to you bro. :"> Always stay cute and friendly. Work hard for your dreams. :)

Ace Patrick Dequina

Featured Pinoy boy: Ace Patrick Dequina

Quite the charmer this guy. Strictly not striking good looks. Nor a super sexy body. But the charm is infectious.

And the charmers are the true killers. They'll lure you in with those pretty smiles. They'll entice you with the feeling that you're special to them.

And then you'll find out that pretty much everyone is treated that way. :(

Enough of personal experiences. lol

Tropang Ph Boy (14) - Tropang Pawis

Life goal: sweat it out with friends. :">

Nothing more meaningful bonding with close friends than sweating it out together, pumping at the same time, helping each other out, giving each other a hand. :">

Young boys gwtting hotter lately. *.*

4 Boys 1 Word (20) - Jacked 3

Do it like you mean it. Do it like your life depended on it.

Making love to one's self is a serious business and should not be taboo. It's the safest sex there is.

Stop the spread of disease and give yourself some man-loving.

Jan Alba

Featured Pinoy boy: Jan Alba

Chemo nurse, theater actor.

Nuce strong face. Square chin. Super cute. Pink lips. Kissable lips. Cute stubbles. Huggable. Nice eyes. Strong eyebrows.

Kevin Redder

Featured Pinoy boy: Kevin Redder

This pretty-faced Swede-Filipino boy is working his way up his modeling career here in Manila.

I like his body very much. I don't know if it's gym-toned or not, but it looks natural. You know, the one you get when you're hyperactive as a teen.

Crazy adonis cuts. Washboard abs. Round chest. His body is of a surfers. And I love surfer bods, up there with dancer bods and swimmer bods. *.*

I wish him more success here in Manila. *.*