RJ Ramos

Featured Pinoy boy: RJ Ramos

Second Way5 member to be featured here. Although RJ isn't as in touch with his sexy side as Jervy is, he still as cute.

Super cute awkward smile. Love the voluminous hair, although the b&w ones are too Korean.

But what I really want to talk about is the state of boy bands in this country. I don't think that record companies are taking the potential of boy bands seriously. They're idea of forming a boyband is a bringing together cute boys that may have some talent and already has some following.

This mentality is then copied by smaller manager/promoter. So what's happening now is that the power of boybands is recognized in the country but not much investment is put into them. And when I say investment,  I don't mean publicity stunts. What I mean is really training these boys to further there craft. To build upon their charm and talent to create something of pride.

Anyway, for now, let's just appreciate these boys. :">

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