Do the Drew

Featured Pinoy boy: Jeff Andrew Anderson

Pretty boy be like. *.*

I love his eyes and his smirk. *.*

Mykel Lee Sanopo

Pageant boys are a breed of a kind. Bikini pageants are so rampant this side of the globe and straight young boys willingly strut their stuff in what they consider as "stepping stone" to a more lucrative career in showbiz (or the meat market if they fall short of their dreams). Well it's still a sight for us boy lovers. *.*

Tropang Ph Boy (19) - March of the Golden Surfers

Surfer boys are divine. It's something primal, what they do. They rush into the waves, and conquer nature. And no, we won't even talk about their ridiculously gorgeous bodies. *.*

Tropang Ph Boy (18)

Nothing can beat a barkada photoshoot as the best barkada bonding there is. And there's no better eay to do it than a topless photoshoot. It's a group activity of immortalizing all of the groups sweaty bodies. *.*

Miguel Lim

His is the face that I just wanna keep for the rest of my life. It's so angelic and so innocent-looking but at the same time sexy. *.* Oh my. He's my future husband. *.*


What makes a boy sexually appealing? Someone has to ask. It always puzzles me how a boy who is fully clothed exude sex appeal. Blessed are they who does not need to bear skin to scream sex. Those boys are for keeps. :">

And I love how great-looking this community built around MyPhBoy. :">

Ray Lee?

His twitter handle is @yar_eel , I'm guessing that his real name is Ray Lee.

And from his twitter post, it seems like he's for pay. Or at least the account admin projects his image as a call boy and exhibitionist.

For boy for pat, it's a large segment of the tourism industry in the Philippines,  sad to say.

But we really can't blame the foreigners if they want a piece of this cake. :">

Darvin Carl Ramos

Doing my duties. *.* I really don't wanna call it "fan service" because most of the time I'm the fan. So is the case for this cutie. :"> I can't say no to this boy. :">

Simple Dude

He's attractive in a very subtle way. He's not a standout, he blends with the crowd, but this makes him loveable, that he is accessible and grounded. His body is toned but doesn't look like gym-fit. And sweaty guys are my weakness. :">

Chillin' Ph Boy (1) - Like A Boss

*.* Just your ordinary friday night: eating junk food, licking your finger, chillin. Finger-lickin good indeed.

He's got a prettyface. I love the brows and eyes. I'm not sure if he's Pinoy, but all cute boys are welcome in this site. :">

Hairy Bro

I like how he got this baby face but hairy torso. I like his swag. I like that he looks like a good lover. :"> And he has crazy adonis cut. *.*

Do you like hairy dudes?

Xander Montecarlo

Re-shoutout to this boy. He's getting fitter and fitter. More buff this time than the first post I did of him. :">

Patrick Angeles

Going through my shoutout requests, I stumbled upon this guy. *.*

So sorry that I forgot about you. This PAL ground personnel totally deserve a shoutout. Another reason to fly PAL instead of CebuPac.

As I said, shirtless pics are more preferred,  but if you're absolutely cute, a wacky pose can also be permitted. :">

Otep Mercado

A lot of people are asking for shoutouts, but I'm sorry I can't publish everyone immediately, or at all.

For this guy, he's got the right amount of enthusiasm and sexiness to deserve a shoutout. :D

P.S.: For shoutouts, a shirtless pic is preferable. :p

Dexter A (3)

I'll never get tired of this boy. :">

He's hotter than ever. *.* See past posts here and here.

I hope one day I get to meet you in person, love.


All you need is swag. Swag is all you need.

Swag is the difference between a boring cute boy and a hot boy toy. *.*

William Santiago

Featured Pinoy boy: William Noel Santiago

I think I like a boytoy like him. Someone who's not too good looking but uber hot. With a body that's not too defines but still yummy. *.*

Tattooed Korean Celebrity Hunk

I'll digress for this post because,  damns, he's so hot.

His hotness should be a crime. It should be illegal to be this hot. *.*

Tropang Ph Boy (17) - June Macasaet And Friends

Manhunt International 2014 winner June Macasaet (yellow shorts) and friends in the pageant.

Man buffet. Unlimited abs. V-cut pa more. *.* Take your pick guys. *.*

Tropang Ph Boy (16) - Tropang Hubad ni Migz

I happened to save a Throwback Thursday photo of Migz and his friends.

He captioned it as "tropang hubad" (shirtless troop/friends). :">

I just love fresh meat. :">

My Ph Muscle Boy (12)

He's my dream pool boy. *.* So yummy and smooth. *.*

I'll pay him to run around my house in that boxers. :"> And clean the pool occasionally. lol