My Ph Muscle Boy (14) - Albie Casiño Solo

I've posted pictures of him before here and here. But bith are of him with someone else. This one's the first solo pic.

So, everyone, I present you Albie Casiño, the boy who is fond of calling himself "The Stallion". The reason for which may be explained by his allegedly legendary appendage comparable to a stallion. :p

Chillin' Ph Boy (2)

What you lookin' at?

Pool Boy

Pool-side manners be like.

My Ph Muscle Boy (13) - Ken Hanaoka (3)

Third time is a charm. As charming as this cute pinoy muscle boy.  :">

The name is Ken Hanaoka. I've posted a blog of him before (here and here). Thanks to my IG community,  he's now identified. :D

Cute face + ripped body = killer combo.

Kelp Ramirez

Your daily dose of kanto boy. :)

CJ Javier

A different kind of nerdgasm. If you catch my drift. :D

Joeffrey Jayona

The kind of boy you take home to mom. *.*
Marry me please.

Jordy Scholoff

Baby Jordy *.*

He's my Ken doll. *.* Perfect lips, perfect teeth, perfect eyes and eyebrows. *Faints*

Jerson Foreveryoung

Something is magical when a cute boy with no business being sexy tries to project sexiness. *.*

He doesn't become less cute when he tries to be sexy. He even becomes more cute. *.*

I love the tattoos too. And the hairy abs. *.*

Jae Tolentino (2)

Second post about Jae. He's one of my favorites. Something about him that really appeals to me. :">

It's something about the way he looks clean. Or his attitude. He looks like some rough bad boy that needs taming. But he's too cute that you won't mind that he's rude to you. But at the same time he looks capable of caring. *.* I think I'm in love.

Ronnie Rombaoa

Hot chef. Feed me please. :p

Strong facial features are so sexy.

I like men who will feed me... so his being a chef is a major plus. :D

Andrei de Guzman

Oh Andrei. *.*

On the first pic he has this Enrique Gil (a filipino actor) vibe. The fresh, youthful energy at the same time tapping onto the sexy side of his physique.

Rob Gaspar (2)

Just because he's too cute. :"> He deserves a second shoutout (see first post here).

Prince Mike Lopez

An abundance of Princes. This one's a part time model.

That Captain America suit suits him a lot. *.* He's now my hero. :D