My Ph Muscle Boy (16) - Mr Perfect

This boy is specially crafted to be the perfect specimen of a man. To die for. *.* This life is really unfair.

JM Canlas

Sadly, his name is not known to me. :(

So delish, this guy. *.* I love the toned body that's not gym-bod. I like the facial hair. *.* I love him.

Mauro Lumba

My long-time crush. I loved him since his first C2 TV ad. That chiseled face, chiseled body. To die for. Take me now. Take me right here right now, please. lol

The Neon Green Archer

The true test of sexiness is that even when fully-clothed, sex appeal still leaks though the clothing. And this guy passes with flying, neon colors. lol It helped that the cycling shorts is a little tight. :p

Martin Joss

As suggested by @awesomepinoy on IG, I'm presenting you Martin Joss, the cute and hairy boy from Zamboanga. *.* I'd love to have a close encounter with that hairy torso. :D

Mystery Boy

So someone on Instagram has a very big problem and he asked me to help. He is smitten by this finely boy. He just wanna know this boy's name. Can anyone help?