My Ph Muscle Boy (25) - Michael dela Cruz

You can't get more filipino than the name Michael dela Cruz. And his skin is as filipino as it gets. And his bod, is a world class filipino body. *.*

My Ph Muscle Boy (24) - Ken Hanaoka (4)

Because I can't have enough of Ken Hanaoka. He's my favorite pinoy muscle boy. He's that right balance of cuteness, charm, and hot bod.

Tropang Ph Boy (36) - The Hard Choice

The day when a modeling agency decided to have a company outing. In the wise words of filipino market vendors: pili na mga suki.

Tropang Ph Boy (33) - A Okay

How can boys this young be so sexy? They're making a pedophile out of me. They're not even showing skin and yet they reek sex appeal.

Tropang Ph Boy (32) - Dine In or Take Out?

I'll have one of each, please. Take out.

Sign of the Crux

I kneel to the cross. I'll kneel to him in submission. :">

My Ph Muscle Boy (20) - Kuya Swabe

This guy is smooth. Too smooth that he should be jailed for it. Too smooth that you'll want to climb on top of him and make love to that body. :">

Tamaraw Ryan

21 y.o. Mass Comm student from FEU. Let's go tamaraw! Tamaraw boys are really good-looking. Hang around Morayta and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Xander, Boy Wonder

Xander, Boy Wonder. Because he wonders a lot. lol He's extremely cute though. *.*

James Reid

The other half of ABS-CBN's latest love team. But for the record, before he was Clark, even before he was Cross, and even before he had abs, I loved him already.

Tropang Ph Boy (30) - Tommy and friends

Teen borta-in-training, Tommy Tiangco (middle), flexes it up for the cameras with his equally hot teen friends. Good job boys. :">