Vince delos Reyes (2)

My California king. *.* Pinoy nurses represent.

See previous post of him here.

Jhen Bullet Siriban

Psychiatric nurse in K.S.A.. He's the reason why their patient volume increased, a lot of Saudis are going gaga over him.

Caster Caballero (2)

Hot torso. I wanna smother that will peanut buteer and lick it clean. :"> He's back and he's hotter than ever.

Tropang Ph Boy (41) - Friendly Kiss

Squad goals. No malice intended.

Ph Boy Trending (15) - Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a. Carrot Man

I've always believed that hotness knows no status. There's beauty in every corner of the world. I'm loving this cute Carrot Man. May Jeyrick Sigmaton pick something good with this exposure. :D

Photo by Edwina T. Bandong

Ace Canales Hombre

Boys in uniform are the cutest. And eyeglasses give them that yummy nerd look.

Girbaud Limpin

That aspiring dancer, ready to carve his name in the local showbiz. Best of luck bro!