Ph Boy Trending (21) - Mark Aaron Hernandez

He's too cute for his own sake. I just hope that all of us can learn from his story. And to the predatory gays, please don't ruin the future of young boys like him. :(

Zeus Collins

One hunky chunk of a guy. And he dances, too.

Daryl Ong

More than a sweet voice. He's my crush. I imagine him to be as sweet as his voice. hihi His thumb looks weird though, don't look closer. lol

My Ph Muscle Boy (35) - Jhake Santos

Guys, I'd like you to meet my new boyfriend. *.* Oh my, just turned girly for him.

Don McGyver Cochico

Pulis! Tulong! I need some helping hand. :D

Name This Ph Boy (13) - Nash Ko

I'm kinda happy to see such fine specimen. But I'm also sad that someone has to do this for a living. But paying someone is also my fantasy. lol

Edit: His name is Nash Ko.

Jebo Alzate

That boyish charm. :D

Bailey May

Can't wait to see how he grows up. I hope with abs and chest. lol


Some Southeast Asian financial consultant.

Matthew Ponce Chapman

I saw him share some post of a pretty Badjao girl on facebook. I admire his appreciation of beauty without boundaries. It's just so happened that he's also cute. :">

Crisuel Mendina

Just because I'm partial to chinitos. :D