Encio Placido

Shoutout to the bad boys with bad ass sex appeal.

Jade Rebusa (2)

His main feature, I guess, is his exoticism. He's kinda brown, he's kinda cute, he's kinda androgynous, he's kinda sexy, he's kinda sensual. You can't label him easily.

Jaime Sy (2)

Good morning beh.

Name This Ph Boy (28)

When Bae does the ironing. :"> Love boys who can do chores.

Name This Ph Boy (27)

When Bae messes up his pic with so much filter. Good thing his abs are sexy, though.

Tony Fabian

Indie actor. Model. Benilde grad. He's doing, what I call, the "this is your view when you suck me" pose. lol

Dr. JR

Ripped med student in the US. As hot as Arizona.

Ryan Jake

Pretty boy by the beach.

Aldrin Santos

Cute Archi student from N.U.

Esmyle Garcia

Surf's up! Boy from Sorsogon swag.

Lio Garcia

This Bicolano boy. Kasing anghang ng sili. :p

Tee Jay

Look for the cat. Share if you see the cat. No spoilers please. Don't let that sexy guy in tighty whities distract you.

Name This Ph Boy (26)

Love is love. Sexy is sexy. Appreciate.

Name This Ph Boy (25) - #LandoSerye

Lando! Tama na yang oanonood ng TV! Linisin mo na yung kotse!

Brian @ian_369

His bio says: Research scientist. AI. Robotics. Hot nerd, this one.