My Ph Boy (113) - Gunshow

No to gun ban. lol
From top:
Nev Estillana
Aythan Buenviaje [1] [2]

P.S.: I'm pro gun ban. The kind that kills people.

My Ph Boy (112) - Men in Black and White

Classy sexy muscle men.
From top:
Jayward 🇮🇩
Cedric Evan 🇵🇭
Matteo Guidicelli 🇵🇭

My Ph Boy (111) - Love Wins

Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine.
From top, left to right:
Ryan Roxas ❤ Oliver Edman
Teejay Hughes ❤ Mikey
Al Lacastesantos [1] [2] ❤ Ronel Maghirang [1] [2]